Essential Adventure Gear

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Essential Adventure Gear

When you are ready to escape the hectic life of work and responsibilities, you shed your business suit and Wing Tips for hiking pants and trail shoes. You leave your Serta king-size bed in favor of a tent and sleeping bag. You are all set to take a long weekend adventure.

And while you will be sure to pack your tent, extra socks and waterproof matches, there will be adventure gear that might slip your mind. That is, you don't want to be out in the middle of nowhere only to discover you forget to pack an important item. For that reason, here is a list of camping and hiking gear you should make sure to pack before engaging in your adventure.

First Aid Kit

You might usually bring along a few bandages and a couple of aspirin, but you really need to pack a proper first aid get when you go on an adventure. Cuts, scratches and burns are common on camping, hiking and other adventure trips to be sure, but you could also suffer a more serious injury that might require more than a swab of antibacterial gel and a Band Aid.

Of course, we all hope for the best and are careful not to get hurt, but these things happen to the most careful of us, so it is best to be prepared.

Survival Knife

That Swiss army knife you faithfully pack every time you go on an adventure is great, it really is. But there are any number of situations you could find yourself in need of a, well, real knife.

Now, that is not to say you need the very same knife used by Sylvester Stallone in First Blood, nobody needs anything that big. Let’s cut to the chase, you won’t need your knife to slaughter a wild boar, build a lean-to shelter or hack off your arm should it become lodged; in all likelihood you will need a decent knife to cut cord, open food containers, split wood and clean your nails.

Back-Up Lighting

Even if you are headed out for a daytime adventure, hoping to be home in time for a new episode of Game of Thrones, it is still critical you bring a flashlight, at the very least.

In a perfect world, you will want to carry a few light sources with you on your adventure. Sometimes you run late, miscalculated where you thought you would be at sundown or just plain get lost and getting back to where you need to be will be a whole lot easier with proper lighting.

Sometimes, things go completely opposite of what you predicted and having a flashlight, LED headlamp and backup batteries just might be what you need to ensure you get home safe and sound.

If you happen to wander off trail and people are searching for you, you will want to be making a lot of noise to help them find you.

A whistle is the best way to signal to others your location.


A lightweight general tarp has many uses. For example, a tarp can be used as a lean-to shelter, a way to carry material like leaves or sticks, a blanket and even a way to transport water.

Duct Tape

In a pinch, duct tape can be used to repair tears or rips on all sorts of gear and can even be used to seal a wound.


Before taking off on your adventure, don’t forget to pack some lightweight cordage. Cordage can help you in building a shelter, hoisting food off the ground and hundreds of other uses.